Standards-based Report Cards

TeacherEase provides software to manage standards-based report cards. Communicate learning progress to students and parents. Highly configurable to match each organization’s unique needs. Data flows from assessments and gradebook to make report cards accurate and easy. Publish online or print on paper.


Built for standards

Easy for teachers

Transition into standards-based education

Communicate learning progress

Highly configurable to meet unique needs

Hold teachers accountable

Build parent buy-in

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Built for standards

TeacherEase report card software was specifically designed to manage standards-based grades. Organizations often struggle with report cards provided by their SIS. The default report cards typically aren’t standards-aware. Customization is expensive and the end product doesn’t work very well. TeacherEase provides a complete solution to this problem.

Highly customizable

Every organization has unique report cards. This typically includes logos, layout, learning targets or skill lists, grading scale, comments, etc. These are all configurable with TeacherEase.

Data flows from assessment/gradebook

Data moves easily inside TeacherEase. Throughout the marking period, teachers collect learning performance data through the assessment tool and/or gradebook. Student performance on learning targets is continuously calculated. This data will flow into report cards, providing accurate information while saving teachers time.

Inform parents and build buy in

Regularly publishing learning data online helps parents understand the learning process and appreciate educators’ professionalism. They can see their students’ learn and progress. This is especially true when learning targets written in understandable language are shown on the report card.

Publish online or print on paper

Report cards can be displayed online on the parent portal. The can also be printed on paper.

Supports traditional and standards-based grading

During the transition, schools may run some courses as standards-based while others use traditional grading. This creates a need for hybrid report cards that support both approaches. With TeacherEase, standards-based and traditional grading are both supported on the same report card.

Analyze student performance

Using report card data, easily identify struggling students and generate honor rolls, academic warning lists, eligibility reports, etc.

Works with any SIS

TeacherEase has sophisticated imports, exports, and supports open APIs like IMS OneRoster and SIF. It’s easy to get data in and out of the system in a variety of ways.

Complete solution for standards-based education

In addition to standards-based report cards, TeacherEase supports a complete suite of tools to support standards in the k-12 classroom: alignment to standards, assessment, instructional content management, and standards-based gradebook. Browse TeacherEase for more information.


Standards-based Learning Process

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  • Learning Targets and Rubrics

  • Summative and Formative Assessments

  • Curriculum Mapping and Lesson Planning

  • Learning Management System

  • Standard-based Report Cards

  • Standard-based Gradebook

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