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Committee Collaboration

On the journey to standards-based learning (SBL), one of the first steps is to form committees and build "guaranteed and viable curricula." Teams of educators build learning targets, rubrics, assessments, and instructional materials to implement SBL in the classroom. TeacherEase provides a collaborative software platform to support this effort. Help committees work together and make good progress.


Organize committees to work on the transition to SBL

Build a guaranteed and viable curriculum

Collaborative software supports a culture of teamwork

Purpose-built SBL software helps educators develop new skills

Learn from educators outside your organization

Increase team productivity

Get started well, Improve every year

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Create committees

Organize groups of educators to work on the transition to SBL. Content construction is a big job, and the challenge is best met by teams. Committees are often organized by subject and level: “early elementary language arts committee,” “middle school math committee,” etc.

Build a guaranteed and viable curriculum

Committee members build the resources needed to implement SBL: learning targets, rubrics, common summative assessments, and instructional materials. Our software facilitates writing and managing this content.

Collaboration tools are built in

TeacherEase provides a collaborative software platform for committees to cooperate and be productive. We were heavily inspired by Wikipedia, which enables many users to work together building large/complex content. Documents are kept in a cloud-based database, and contributions can be made from anywhere. Users can read all content and extend the work of others.

Easily keep up with committee efforts

As committees build content, members can stay up to date with the group’s latest progress. Each user has a list of all “unseen” items -- any new content they haven't seen yet. It’s easy to walk through the list, review other members’ contributions, and stay in the loop

Comment on documents

Members can comment on each other’s work. Have thoughtful, professional discussions which lead to high-quality content. Team members can learn from each other, and develop expertise writing targets, rubrics, assessments, etc.

History of document modifications

All content has a version history. Users can see updates, and watch documents develop. The software provides a convenient “difference viewer” to review changes made by other users. They can extend, comment, or contribute.

Check every update

The system is designed for users to help each other. As one person edits, others are aware of their contributions. Easily view work, comment, and contribute as you feel appropriate. It encourages committee members to work as a team and make progress on SBL content.

Search our database for other districts’ content

TeacherEase supports cross-district sharing. Users can view SBL content from other districts and be informed by their choices. Learn from experienced educators and jump start your professional development. Copy public content and customize it to your needs.

Supports continuous improvement

As districts become experienced, educators get better at SBL. The software supports yearly improvement of content. Easily update learning targets, rubrics, assessments, etc to incorporate learnings.

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