We want to help you use TeacherEase as efficiently as possible. Some frequently asked questions from our parents:

Why can't I see all my children?

Parent access is enabled when the teacher adds a parent's email address for a child (school office staff may also setup accounts). Once entered, the parent can view their children's information by logging in. If you see SOME of your children but not ALL, then your email address is NOT associated with the missing children.

Why can't I see all of my children's classes?

TeacherEase can only show information that's been entered by teachers. If any of your children's teachers DON'T use TeacherEase, you won't be able to view their classes. If you don't see a particular class, check with that teacher to see if they use TeacherEase.

I used TeacherEase last year, why can't I see anything this year?

Did your children change schools or teachers? TeacherEase can only show the information your current teachers have entered into TeacherEase. You'll want to check with your current teachers to see if they use TeacherEase.

How do I update my child's name?

You'll want to contact your child's teacher (or the school office); they can make changes. For security reasons, TeacherEase Support is unable to update student data.

How do I change my email address/password?

You can update your email and password from the "Update Account/Password" link. (Note: If you forget your password, go to the "Login" page and click "Forgot password?".)

For questions about the setup of your account, please email your teachers. Your teachers can help you with questions about classes, assignments, grades, attendance, behavior, etc.

If you have technical questions about TeacherEase not addressed in this FAQ, feel free to contact TeacherEase Support and our Chicago based team will be happy to help.