Learning Targets and Rubrics

Standards-based learning is a big transition. Start by breaking down state standards or CCSS into teachable concepts. Write learning targets as "I can ..." statements. Define rubrics and skill progressions. Help students understand goals and feedback. Build a solid foundation for future activities (instruction, assessments, feedback, etc). TeacherEase helps you get started.


Easily get started with standards-based learning

Make standards teachable in the classroom

Build a foundation for standards-based instruction, assessment, feedback, etc.

Help students understand goals and engage in learning

Rubrics provide a structure for student feedback

Help new teachers understand standards-based learning by providing a software framework

Build a more coherent curriculum

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Design learning targets

For each course, define skills students should learn. These are typically written as "I can ..." statements.

Break down state standards or CCSS into teachable concepts

Standards are often big and complex. Create smaller understandable learning targets that can be instructed.

Rubrics quantify progress

For each learning target, write a rubric with intermediate steps toward proficiency. Simplify assessment by defining skills that correspond to each level on the grading scale.

Help new teachers understand standards-based learning

Writing learning targets and rubrics helps teachers think about instructional goals and how students learn. This experience often results in better lessons and assessments.

"I can ..." statements are understandable to students

When students understand rubrics, they self-assess and take control of learning. Feedback is better when sharing a common language.

Identify gaps and overlaps across grade levels

Compare learning targets across courses. Eliminate unnecessary repetition that wastes instruction time. Find gaps that lead to confusion and incomplete cognitive scaffolds.

Build coherent curriculum

Coherent curriculum builds upon previously mastered topics. By thoughtfully constructing learning targets within and across grade levels, learning becomes easier and concepts more accessible.

Ensure coverage of state standards or CCSS

Run reports to analyze coverage of standards by learning targets. Make sure each standard gets appropriate instruction.

Compare learning targets with other districts/schools

Cooperate with other TeacherEase customers. Share learning targets and see how others approach the same content.

First step in standards-based learning

Easily get started and build a solid foundation for the future. Review learning target/rubrics when the state implements new standards. Many organizations work on targets and rubrics for about a year.

Standards-based Learning Process

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  • Summative and Formative Assessments

  • Curriculum Mapping and Lesson Planning

  • Learning Management System

  • Standard-based Report Cards

  • Standard-based Gradebook

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