Teachers Save Time
Teachers save time grading using our web-based gradebook. It's so easy, we encourage the first 3 teachers in a school to try it FREE for one year (later teachers get 3 months FREE).


Communicate with Parents
Parents are better informed by checking assignments, grades, attendance, behavior, etc. over the Internet. Parents support the learning process -- encouraging students to complete work, helping struggling students, praising success, etc.


Improve Student Performance
When a parent or student checks grades on-line, student performance improves dramatically: grades increase
5-8% and missed work drops by 40%. (view study)


Supports Traditional and Standards-based Grading
In addition to traditional grading, align assignments to state or district standards. Enter standards-based grades and track student performance versus standards.


Enables the Standards-based Classroom
TeacherEase is more than just a web-based gradebook. It's everything teachers need to manage the standards-based classroom -- including lesson plans, curriculum mapping, and report cards. All integrated. All on the web.



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"TeacherEase has brought us into the 21st century. Teachers are more productive. Parents are more involved. Students are working harder. Everybody wins".
- Larry Bequeath
Tonica School District
Tonica, IL