Updates to E-Learning Attendance



Since the coronavirus pandemic has closed schools, we’ve been working to help our customers during this challenging time.  About two weeks ago, we released software to allow students to check-in for e-learning attendance (E-Learning Attendance Released).  Based upon feedback we received, we built improvements to this functionality. 


One challenge for districts is that not all students have email addresses, can’t login to TeacherEase, and can’t check-in for e-learning.  For these folks, we added the ability for custodial parents to check their students into e-learning. This can be done through the parent portal and mobile app. 



Here’s a quick KnowledgeBase article for parents/students about e-learning attendance check-in.  Feel free to distribute it, if you feel it could be helpful.


How do students/parents check-in for e-learning attendance? 


Attendance notes have been updated to include who checked-in the student.



For now, most districts are using e-learning every day, and need to take e-learning attendance every day too. When school gets back to “normal,” students will return to the buildings, and districts will need the ability to turn e-learning attendance on/off.  They’ll likely offer e-learning only for inclement weather days, or other closures. They’ll need to take e-learning attendance on those days only, and not for typical days.


To support this, we’ve added an “E-Learning Attendance” checkbox to each day of the academic calendar.  This determines whether students/parents can check-in to e-learning on that day.



If you are already using e-learning attendance, we’ve checked this box for the remainder of your academic year. 


We wrote a KnowledgeBase article that describes the details of managing e-learning attendance:


How to Manage E-Learning Attendance


We think e-learning will become more popular in the future, and will continue to improve TeacherEase to support our customers’ efforts.  You can view an outline of our future plans, as well as a guide to e-learning in TeacherEase here: 





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