E-Learning Attendance Released



As mentioned in a previous news article, we’ve been working on software to take attendance in an e-learning environment.  We released new functionality to TeacherEase, and it’s now available for public use.


The software allows students to check-in, declaring their intention to participate in e-learning that day.  Admins enable this attendance option, and choose the attendance code that gets entered when students check-in.  



When students login to TeacherEase, they are presented with UI to check-in.



After they check-in, they are presented with a clear message that they’ve checked-in.



From the teacher and admin perspective, we treat the check-in as period attendance in a single class.  Use the regular attendance pages to view/modify the data. For students who’ve checked-in, you’ll see the selected check-in attendance code and timestamps in the notes.



This data can be imported into daily attendance, and viewed in the attendance reports like any other day.



To help customers enable this functionality, we created a Knowledge Base article and video.  Feel free to take a look:





We are also hosting a webinar on Monday at 1:00PM CT. You can register for the webinar here.


We hope this helps with your e-learning plans.  Moving forward, we will continue to build functionality to support e-learning in a Google/TeacherEase environment.  Feel free to read about our plans (we sketch out a future product roadmap toward the end of the guide):

Guide to E-Learning with Google and TeacherEase


If you’d like to help inform our efforts, fill out this survey to be part of our e-learning advisory team. https://forms.gle/Xm2D71YKyvUGujqBA.


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