Taking Attendance during E-Learning



With recent school closures, many districts are working hard to implement e-learning.  After discussing the situation, we decided to strongly support this effort. We revised our development schedule to offer more functionality targeted at e-learning.  Our first release implements taking attendance in this new environment.


Specifically we are building new pages for students to “check-in” to e-learning.  After some admin configuration, students who login to TeacherEase have the ability to “Check-In to E-Learning.”  They can click a button to register their intention to participate. This gets stored in period attendance with a timestamp, and can be imported into daily attendance.


We wanted to offer a solution integrated into your SIS.  It should be better than sending email, surveys, or Google Forms to students.  TeacherEase is probably the best place to collect this data, since it works with your existing attendance system.


These new features are currently under development, and are planned for release prior to 3/31.  We’ll offer a video, knowledgebase article, and webinar once we’re closer to release.


If you haven’t noticed, we’re also offering free access to our Google Classroom integration and online curriculum tools through 6/30/2020 (many customers use Classroom in their e-learning plan). Our curriculum tools can publish daily lessons to students, giving them a roadmap for the day with links, documents, and assignments.  If you’d like to upgrade for free, please reach out to support@common-goal.com.  We recently released a news article with more detailed information:




We have a number of additional efforts underway to support e-learning for our customers.  Watch for more announcements soon. If you’d like to help inform our progress, fill out this survey to be part of our e-learning advisory team. 







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