[Webinar] Remote Learning 101 for TeacherEase Clients


The 2020-21 academic year will have higher remote learning requirements than in years past. This brief webinar will cover how you can leverage your TeacherEase subscription for remote learning. As teachers build or find good digital resources for their classrooms, they organize it into curricula. TeacherEase provides a great place to collect units, lessons, activities, assessments, etc. In addition, see how you have the ability to distribute instructional resources to students, collect artifacts of completed work, and deliver assessments. These are the steps students take to acquire, practice, and demonstrate new skills and understanding. Learn how you can do this with TeacherEase integrated with Google Classroom.  

  • Organize Digital Curricula and Align to Standards

  • Foster Teacher Collaboration and Reuse Existing Curricula

  • Increase Student Engagement and Improve Communication

  • Achieve Higher Student Motivation and Increase learning



Join us to learn more about TeacherEase remote learning capabilities. Feel free to share this webinar with others on your staff.