News Update



We recently rebuilt our News mechanism (you’re reading it now).  While it was mostly a low-complexity “starter project” for our newest pair of software engineers, it also gave us an opportunity to add some useful new functionality.


The largest change is the addition of email/newsfeed notifications.  Many customers don’t notice our News articles (on the Login page), and would like them emailed. So we built a nice mechanism to choose users’ roles (sdadmin, admin, instructor, etc) and modules, and send email. We also publish to the Newsfeed (which we plan to enhance for admins and mobile devices). To be UCE compliant, we also added an unsubscribe mechanism for users who don’t want notified.


Just a quick reminder.  Whenever we write a News article, we also publish it on social media.  Follow us on Twitter or Facebook, it gets announced there too.