Knowledge Base Launch



To improve support for our customers, we launched a Knowledge Base (KB).  It currently has over 150 articles targeted at the most frequently asked questions, so it's likely that we've already written an article for your next problem. We hope a self-service resource will allow customers to resolve their problems faster. We also hope to reduce our volume of support inquiries, but plan to continue providing excellent phone and email support. Our processes and staffing levels will remain unchanged.


We integrated the KB into our platform. When you’re on a page and need help, just select Help > Knowledge Base from the menu.  It will suggest a few articles (it automatically searches using the page name).  You will likely want to search with keywords more specific to your question. The KB uses a natural language processing engine to find relevant articles for your search string.


When clicking on an article, you can view it right on the page.


By default the KB is integrated into our existing web pages.  If you’d like more space when reading (or if the screenshots are too small), launch the article in its own tab using the popout icon.


The resulting page has more space.


We’ve also added KB into the process of emailing support.  When you select Help > Support, we’ll suggest a few articles as you navigate to the page to send us email.   Click the “Contact Support” button if the KB articles don’t solve your problem.  


This software enhancement is paired with an effort from the Tech Services team to continuously enrich our knowledge base with new articles. Frequently asked questions get prioritized, and suggestions are welcome.