High Schools: Semester Averages on Parent Portal



While TeacherEase has long supported a parent portal, we’ve had a feature gap for high schools.  In the past, we didn’t show current semester averages to students and parents (automatically calculated from assignment scores).  This made it difficult for students and parents to predict semester grades, which are important for GPA’s, college admissions, scholarships, etc.


To remedy this situation, we added a new grading option in the latest release.  You can now setup summary grading period averages (typically semesters) to calculate from gradebook scores in real time.  In the past, averages for summary grading periods were manually calculated by teachers when completing report cards.


These are configured under grade reporting options.


SD Admin Main > Grade Reporting > Options

Admin Main > Grade Reporting > Options



When this option is selected, instructors can see real time summary grades in the gradebook. In the past, summary grades were manually checked by instructors through a report.



When using this option, summary grading period averages are shown on the student/parent portal.  The data is always current to reflect the latest assignment scores. It shows all grading periods in a semester (if any are active), or none (if all are closed).


Student/Parent Portal > Grades