Classic Mode Sunset



In 2015 we released a new design which improved the look-and-feel of our website. We also updated our technology platform which allowed us to offer improved features, better mobile support, faster pages, and higher quality with reduced bugs. Since we’re typically hesitant to force change on users, we also offered a “Classic Mode” of the site.  This allowed users to continue using the old (pre-2015) look-and-feel, if they preferred.


It takes additional investment to support two versions, with extra code and testing.  This is worthwhile if users get value from these features. Unfortunately, Classic Mode usage has fallen over time. Today only 4% of users access Classic Mode (96% use the latest version). Also, some upcoming features are incompatible with the old design, complicating development moving forward. As a result we decided to sunset Classic Mode on July 30, 2021, and remove it from the website. 


We apologize to the small group of users who still access (and likely prefer) Classic Mode.  We’re sorry to make you change.  We’ve put this off for a while, but feel that our development resources would be better utilized building features for the majority of the user community.


Classic Mode users will automatically be switched to the updated website. No action is required on their part.  While you get comfortable, our support team is happy to answer any questions you might have. 


We appreciate your understanding, and hope you enjoy our improvements.



The Common Goal Team