Better Handling of Common Summative Assessment Data



Many of our SBL customers use TeacherEase to hold common summative assessment data.  We’ve made some big quality-of-life improvements to this process recently. You’ll want to use this new functionality if you keep standards-based common summative assessments in TeacherEase.


Prior to this release, it was hard to associate data for a single assessment across multiple instructors/sections.  These events are typically administered by teachers and who also grade the assessments and enter the data. It was challenging to follow a process to standardize assignment creation and data collection, to enable easy analysis.  This was error prone and labor intensive.


So we made some improvements.  First, we allow admins to push assignments for common summative assessments to multiple sections.  With one page, all assignments can be created for all teachers to enter data. Assignments are linked together so scores can be treated as a single large data set for analysis.  Editing by teachers is restricted so these assignments are not accidentally deleted/disrupted.


Admin Main > Standards/Planning > External Assessment Tests


Secondly, we’ve added some nice data analytics to view the results.  There are many choices for slicing/dicing the data. You can immediately run reports on student performance data once instructors have entered it into TeacherEase.  We wrote a news article about it earlier this year, please read if you want more details:


A short video summary is available here:


Finally we’re adding filters to our standards-based score export.  This will allow easy export of data from a single assessment (and not anything else in the gradebook).  This hasn’t been released yet, but should follow shortly.


Admin Main > Import/Export > Export Grades


We’ll be reaching out to our SBL customers to help them use this new feature.  Feel free to contact support for help, if you’d like to get started quickly — some districts are taking common summatives soon.


Finally a quick teaser…. We’ve been working on a standards-based assessment tool.  Design your standards-based curriculum in a collaborative environment within Teacherease.  Students will be able to take common summative assessments (and formatives) too. Keep it all in one place.  Watch for more substantial news in the near future.