Alert Visibility and Student Safe Attendance Entry



We’ve made some changes to core instructor pages to improve the visibility of alerts and attendance entry by students.


Student Alerts

Alerts communicate critical student information to staff. We’ve received feedback that our traditional alerts weren’t prominent enough, especially for teachers. To improve this, we added student alert icons to the gradebook and attendance pages.


On attendance entry, all alerts appear to the right of the student’s name.


Hovering on the icon shows the details.



In the gradebook, where horizontal space is at a premium, multiple alert icons are consolidated. The details appear on hover.




Student Safe Attendance Entry

The beginning of the day can be a little chaotic in the classroom. Routines reduce chaos and create consistency for students. In many classrooms, the routine includes students using a smartboard or touchscreen to enter their attendance and lunch count.


The existing attendance entry page makes this a challenge. Small buttons are difficult to click and students frequently fall off the bottom of the page; requiring scrolling to access. The page also shows sensitive student information, such as alerts and attendance notes, and has navigation links to the rest of the site.


Rather than add complexity to the existing page, we’ve released a new “Student Safe Attendance Entry” page. You can find it from the main “Attendance” page.



Student Safe Attendance Entry launches in a new tab with no navigation menu. The larger buttons are easier to click and shorter rows display more students without scrolling. We also moved the Save and Set Unmarked buttons to the top, where they’re less likely to be clicked by accident.



Most importantly, no sensitive student information is displayed on this page.


We think these changes will improve classroom communication and process. We hope you like them.



The Common Goal Team