TRS Gemini Update



Throughout the year many school districts have been using Gemini to upload payroll data to the Illinois Teacher Retirement System (TRS). The plan was to use the data to calculate employee totals that could be certified by the district at the end of the year. 


Recently TRS discovered problems with the certification process in Gemini. While they work to correct them, they’ve offered districts a choice for FY22 reporting. School districts can either:

  1. Continue to upload Gemini data and wait for the problems with the annual certification to be corrected, or

  2. Use a one-time Annual Report for the entire year’s data (similar to previous years)


More details on these options are available in the TRS FY22-36 Employer Bulletin


While we can’t advise which option is best for you, please know both are available in SchoolInsight Financials. We’ve written a knowledge base article to help you get started. 


Whichever you choose, remember all contributions for FY22 are due July 10th, and the certification of annual numbers is due August 15th.



The Common Goal Team