SchoolInsight Financials Update



On July 1 we released the first version of SchoolInsight Financials.  Since STI/Chalkable Financials was being discontinued, for the past 2 years we have worked hard to deliver a replacement product for our customers in the necessary timeframe.  Given the tight schedule, we targeted a “minimum viable product” (MVP) with the smallest amount of functionality required to run the business office. 


For fiscal year 2020-21, we successfully implemented ~50 districts on SchoolInsight Financials, mostly existing customers.  They are up and running, and have performed a month’s financial activity with our new software.  They run payroll, generate payments from AP, receive revenue, run reports, etc.  The business offices continue mostly normal operations.  We are proud to have accomplished this milestone.  


Even with our success, SchoolInsight Financials is still an early stage product.  We have been generating patches almost daily in response to bugs, product gaps, and customer feedback.  This is pretty normal for a brand new product.  While we’ve made great progress, we still have feedback driving many more improvements.  Our development schedule is busy, and we plan to continue investment for the foreseeable future.  We hope to mature SchoolInsight Financials into the best system for our customers.  


We wanted to thank our early stage customers.  As a company, we feel fortunate to have customers willing to work with us.  We appreciate your patience and cooperative spirit.  We hope that we have honored your faith in us.  It’s not often a company can build a major new product, guided by knowledgeable customers.  Common Goal Systems will likely be a stronger and more competitive organization moving forward due to our improved product offering.


Thanks for all your help.


The Common Goal Team