SchoolInsight Financials Beta Program - August Update



We started the beta program for SchoolInsight Financials this month, and are making nice progress.  We wanted to give an update to our community.  


We have 6 Illinois school districts participating in the program.  They are all SchoolInsight SIS customers and use STI/Chalkable Financials.  They are running SchoolInsight Financials in parallel with their existing system to compare results and ensure we're yielding the correct numbers.


We built a special import for STI/Chalkable data and initialized each customer.  By the last customer, we were able to get all data imported in about an hour. We hope to extend this technique to other vendors in the future.


Customers are currently focused on using AP, AR, and reporting.  We’ve gotten quite a bit of feedback, and are tuning the UI based upon their recommendations.  We feel that the product is developing nicely.


Payroll is still in development and is almost feature complete.  We hope to do full payroll runs next month. We collected customer payroll data for testing, and are currently using it to validate our internal builds.


Right now, we have plenty of feedback.  The beta customers are keeping us busy. We expect to add more districts to the beta program in the October/November timeframe.  Let us know if you’re interested in participating. We would like to scale our internal staff to support a larger set of customers in preparation for our first production release in January.


Thanks for everyone’s help and patience during this process.



The Common Goal Team