Online Registration Module Released



Online Registration has been in “beta” for a few years, and over that time we’ve invested significantly in the new product.  Last weekend Online Registration was officially released, and will no longer be in “beta.”  It is now a standard SchoolInsight module, like Lunch, Discipline, etc.  It’s been a long journey, and we’re proud of the new software.  We’d like to thank customers who provided us feedback, as it’s been essential to our efforts.


For those unfamiliar with Online Registration, the module significantly reduces labor for district/school staff.  Traditionally during registration, parents/guardians filled out large packets of necessary paperwork.  Staff would review and manually enter that information into the SIS.  This was very labor intensive.  With Online Registration, data entry is greatly reduced. Parents/guardians now enter the same information into online forms.  Staff only need to review the submissions, making corrections as necessary.  Upon approval, data flows into the student record.  This is a huge labor saver, as staff perform much less data entry into the SIS.


Documentation handling is greatly improved too, as proof of residency, health forms, etc. can be collected electronically.  Parents upload files by taking photos of paperwork with our mobile app (or use a scanner/computer).  Documents can live electronically inside SchoolInsight and be shared among authorized users.  There’s no longer a need to physically store paper documents inside locked cabinets, which are hard to access and take up valuable real estate.  Admins can scan/upload documents too, for parents who physically bring in paperwork.


Since Online Registration is now a SchoolInsight module, we’ll charge subscription fees starting in the 2023-24 academic year.  Customers who’ve used it previously will see a new line item on their renewal order form.


While the majority of customers run re-enrollment in the summer, a few do so in the spring.  This year we reorganized our development schedule, and completed the work earlier, so no customers get left out.  We've already deployed the last major Online Registration release of the season.  There will be smaller updates, but the system is ready.


We hope that Online Registration is helpful for customers, and everyone enjoys using it.



The Common Goal Team