February 2016 Product Release


Common Goal Systems, a leading developer of cloud-based software for schools, announces several enhancements to TeacherEase and SchoolInsight. This release was primarily focused on scheduling improvements, typically for high schools.  


Post Loading Analysis. The report was optimized to help users to identify and fix problems to make it easier for them to complete their schedules.  It shows request completion data to help users better understand how many student schedules are incomplete and requests are unfulfilled.  This helps users decide whether to work with automated tools, or finalize the schedule manually.  Courses are sorted by unfulfilled requests with the course with the most unfulfilled requests at the top.  This helps users focus on the courses most impacting the schedule.  Free periods for unscheduled students who’ve requested the course are shown.  This makes it easy to identify alternate times when a nearly empty section could be offered to better fit with existing student schedules (and a link is provided to edit section schedules).  The overall impact of these changes should be to significantly reduce the difficulty and time completing a large and complex schedule.

Admin Main > Modules > Scheduling > Post Loading Analysis


Course Conflict Matrix. For students requesting a given course, this report shows their other course requests.  This can help identify conflicting requests that may cause trouble with scheduling.  This report has existed for some time (to highlight singleton conflicts), but a simpler mode has been added to view conflicts for a single course.

Admin Main > Modules > Scheduling > Course Conflict Matrix


Student Locator. Schools can now find where a student is during each period.  This is useful for offline access if printed.

Admin Main > Modules > Scheduling > Student Locator


Printable Student Schedule. We recently made enhancements to graphical student schedules for schools with one or two cycle days (typically high schools).  Unfortunately this new schedule was not easily printable, and this has now been remedied.

Admin Main > Modules > Scheduling > Individual Student Schedule > Printable Page

Admin Main > Students - Single View > Schedule > Printable Page


Graphical Standards-Based Trendlines for Parents/Students. Parents and Students now see a graphical trendline for standards-based grades.

Parent/Student Main > Academics > Grades > Standards


Online Quiz Bug Fixes. We’ve fixed quite a few defects in the online quiz area.  The software should work more smoothly now.  Feel free to try it, if you haven’t before.

- Common Goal Systems, Inc, 2/29/2016