End of Enhanced Parent Communication (EPC) Beta



Eight months ago we started the beta program for the Enhanced Parent Communication (EPC) module. Over that time 70 school districts used it to communicate with parents, students, and staff. The feedback shared with us has been core to maturing EPC, and we’d like to thank them for their participation in the beta program. 


We’re also very grateful that over half of the beta participants have already purchased EPC as their primary communication tool for the 2021-22 academic year. 


The goal of any beta program is to gather feedback and ensure the product can meet the needs of our customers at scale. After eight months, we feel we’ve accomplished this goal and are concluding the beta.


Those that have purchased EPC will continue to have access to it, like all other purchased modules. If your school district has not purchased EPC, it will become inaccessible Tuesday night (1/18/22).  If you would like to continue using it, please reach out to your account representative, or email sales@common-goal.com. 


We DO plan to continue our development of EPC. We’re scheduling projects based on feedback and have a few more releases already in the works. These include creating announcements from the administrator app, extending groups to include employees, and integration with the attendance module. Keep an eye on the news page for more information. 


Thank you again to those that participated in the EPC beta program. 



The Common Goal Team