Announcement: SchoolInsight Financials



Customers have long asked us to build financial management software, and it’s been on our internal roadmap for some time.  With the upcoming sunset of STI/Chalkable Accounting, these requests have increased significantly. Many customers are now shopping for their next solution.  It’s a fortuitous moment for us to launch a competing product.


So we’ve decided to accelerate our plans and announce SchoolInsight Financials, software-as-a-service for the business office in K-12 districts.  The first version of the product will target the needs of existing SchoolInsight customers:

  • Fund Accounting

  • Budget Planning

  • Accounts Payable

  • Revenue Management

  • HR/Payroll

  • Employee Self-Service Portal

  • Integration with SchoolInsight SIS


While many feel a sense of urgency, luckily there’s still plenty of time.  We plan a beta release this summer and a full version by December 2019. We expect to give demonstrations in late spring 2019 to support our customers’ decision-making process.  We expect to start migrating beta customers in July 2019 and everyone else starting in January 2020. This timeline should provide a good migration path for customers with sunsetting software.


If you’re a SchoolInsight customer shopping for new Financial software, we’d encourage you to delay your purchasing decision until late spring. See what we have to offer, and make a decision then.  Our new financial system integrated with SchoolInsight SIS will likely provide more value than any standalone product on the market. Get your next solution from a vendor you already trust.


We are also forming a customer advisory council to get feedback and guidance for our development process.  Please reach out to if you’re interested in participating.