Announcement: Online Registration



This news article announces the addition of an “Online Registration” module to SchoolInsight.  It provides parents with self-service functionality to register students for a district/school.  It reduces data entry labor for office staff and provides convenient and modern technology for parents.


It moves the registration process entirely online, leveraging technology for everyone’s benefit.  Parents enter registration data into the TeacherEase online portal.  This includes keying in student information (current address, emergency contacts, etc) and uploading scanned documents (doctors’ physicals, immunization reports, signed permission slips, etc).  Office staff review the documentation in TeacherEase, correct it as necessary, and approve students for enrollment.  There will be sophisticated reports to identify missing paperwork and notify parents.  It will work for both new and returning students.


While we do offer some online registration functionality today, it is a partial solution and not widely used.  We believe a proper solution would benefit most SchoolInsight customers.  To transition to broader adoption, the new module will initially be in beta, and available at no charge.  We added it to 2018-19 renewals as a FREE item for customers who already use it.  Once we complete the improvements, we’ll start charging for the new module, and include it in the next renewal cycle (likely 2019-20).  Contact to enable it for your district/school today.


We plan to build a number of features for the new module:

  • Registration through Parent Mobile App
  • Online Document Upload
  • UI to Review and Update Parent-Entered Data
  • Anytime Information Update in Parent Portal
  • Improved Form Design
  • Better Digital Signatures


As a side note, there is nice synergy between online registration and online payments.  This allows parents to make payment online after completing registration.  It’s convenient for parents and saves time in the office.  We would encourage customers using online registration to also enable online payments.  For more info:

Online Payment Enhancements

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