Announcement: Enterprise Data Access



Over the past few years our customers’ data needs have increased.  Many want to integrate SchoolInsight with other systems like auto-dialers, transportation management systems, library management systems, assessment tools, etc.  They also want more access to data contained within our SaaS architecture for reporting and analytics.

To better serve these needs, we’re announcing a new SchoolInsight module, “Enterprise Data Access.”  The goal is to make data easily available outside our system.  We expect to create the following new features for Enterprise Data Access:

User Schedulable Automated Exports - To give users more control, there will be a new user interface to schedule data exports.  Launch saved custom reports/exports and place the resulting files on our secure FTP server (SFTP), or push to other locations.  Logging will be provided to monitor automated actions and troubleshoot issues.  Alerts will notify designated users in case of failure.

IMS OneRoster Exports - Integrating external systems with SchoolInsight will become much easier. We’ll support creation of OneRoster export files, which can be scheduled and delivered automatically to other systems. We expect to get certified by IMS once the work is complete, and would encourage our customers to give preference to OneRoster-compatible systems when choosing complementary products.

IMS OneRoster Certified Products

More Data Available for Export - We plan to greatly increase the data available for export.  We recently adopted a new internal architecture that facilitates easier data export.  As the new architecture is implemented within our system, exportable data will expand.

API Access - We want to support modern technology trends in machine-to-machine communication using APIs and rich data formats.  While CSV files have served our customers for some time, we plan to make all exportable data available through a machine-readable API.

We recently commenced development on Enterprise Data Access, starting with the scheduling UI and OneRoster exports.  We expect the first software will be available to users within a few months.  Other features will follow on a longer timeline.