Announcement: Enhanced Communications module



Every year our goal is to build significant new functionality, typically enough for a new module.  Last year we added SchoolInsight Financials.  The year before we built Enterprise Data Access.  This year we’re adding Enhanced Communications, which has traditionally been called an “autodialer” in other systems.  We’re excited to make this available to our customers.

SchoolInsight already supports many ways to communicate with users: email, mobile app, and mobile app notifications.  The new Enhanced Communications module will add text messaging, phone calls, and social media integration to our messaging options.


Today most of our customers use a separate “autodialer” tool to access this functionality.  With the new module, we will offer it inside our product, as integration is beneficial for customers.  Autodialers are typically used to send time-sensitive messages and announcements like snow days and emergency closings.  It can also send regular updates for absences, newsletters, etc.  The latest autodialers are integrated with social media, and post messages to the district/school’s Facebook, Twitter, etc. 


We’ve been giving demos using a prototype since the fall, and have received nice feedback.  We plan to run a beta for the new software in the spring, and are pretty close to putting the first version into QA.  We expect to sell a fully functional version starting in July.


Pricing has not yet been decided, but we expect it to be in line with other products on the market.  We plan to survey our beta customers and set pricing then.


If you would like to participate in the beta program or would like more information, please sign up here:


The Common Goal Team