TeacherEase: Standards-Based Grading and Learning Management System

Easily manage the standards-based K-12 classroom: gradebook, lesson plans, report cards, curriculum mapping, and parent access. Align instruction to standards. All web-based and hosted online.

Save teachers' time. Enhance teacher cooperation. Improve parent communication. Student performance increases 8% and missed work drops by 40% [study].

Learning Management System for 1-to-1 Computing
Curriculum and Lesson Planning
Report Cards

Easy student management software designed for small- to medium-sized districts and non-publics. Run your schools efficiently and affordably. All web-based and securely hosted online.

Save office staff's time. Make data available to authorized staff (principals, teachers, counselors, etc). Easy and powerful querying and reporting.

Core Student Management
Advanced Scheduling
Health Records

Use Your Data: Reports in SchoolInsight
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Learning Management System: Manages Units, Lessons, and Assignments Online
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Automated Lunch Program
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