TeacherEase: Standards-Based Grading and Learning Management System

Improve Student Behavior
Invest in technology to manage and improve student behavior at your school. Better react to individual incidents. Gain a deeper understanding of behavioral dynamics. Allow staff to coordinate on issues.


Identify "Hot Spots"
Run reports to understand where and when each type of incident typically occurs. Identify areas prone to trouble and respond proactively to prevent future problems. Have an adult presence there before trouble starts -- you'll almost seem clairvoyant.


Assess Effectiveness of Interventions
After implementing an intervention, measure its impact on the incidents that still occur. Do we have fewer, more, or the same? Were the incidents disrupted or did they migrate somewhere else? Powerful reporting tools can give you those answers.


Go Electronic
Streamline the discipline process by making it paperless. Teachers fill out web-forms that appear immediately to administrators. Detention and suspension lists are available to staff. Easily notify parents. Save staff time and get organized.


Easy for Staff
Web-based application tuned for simplicity. Very easy to learn and use. Even staff with limited computer skill will love it.


Safe and Secure
Implements sophisticated security to protect confidential data. Allows sharing of information with only authorized individuals -- help staff coordinate on difficult behavioral problems. Don't keep your reports locked in a file drawer.


I just love the discipline module! I can generate a report in a couple of seconds and show up to a meeting where the information helps us make timely decisions regarding our students. We've got a better handle on discipline incidents and we've taken actions that have reduced discipline problems at our school. It's absolutely wonderful!
- Rebecca Shumate
Kingswood School
Bean Station, TN


Automated Lunch Program
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Customizable Report Cards
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Discipline Management Simplified
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