TeacherEase: Standards-Based Grading and Learning Management System
Advanced Scheduling

Simplify Complex Scheduling Tasks
Intelligent tools automatically generate schedules that make sense. Students, parents, or counselors enter course requests online. The software analyzes requests, room availability, and instructor constraints. Enhanced conflict checking creates master and student schedules.


Optimize and Balance
Sophisticated tools let you analyze the generated schedules. Save, recalculate, and restore until the optimal schedule is built. Continue making changes and improve schedules until you're satisfied. Balance by section size, gender, and ethnicity.


Automatic or Manual Mode
In addition to powerful automatic schedule generation, master and student schedules can be manually modified (as provided by Core Student Management). This gives you precise control of your schedules and enables the use of human intelligence and experience in the process.

Online Course Requests
Speed up the registration process. Students/parents make course requests via the Internet. Counselors view and approve requests (or enter them initially if desired). Electronically distribute schedules to parents and students. Print schedules too.


Manage Academic Requirements
Make sure students are taking the right classes. Easily verify course requests against academic requirements for graduation and specific academic tracks.


Easily build any type of schedule. Supports a variety of cycle days (M-F, A/B alternate days, block scheduling, etc.), team scheduling, and bell schedules. Schedule for next year without disrupting the current academic year.


Integrated with SchoolInsight
Use separately or together with other SchoolInsight modules for complete administrative solution.

The advanced scheduling module does the bulk of the work for me. The conflict matrix shows exactly what needs to be fixed. I like how students submit course suggestions and the software builds their schedules. The tech support is very helpful.
-Jeff Flott
Guidance Counselor
Tri-Point High School
Cullom, IL


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