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Designed for Small/Medium Districts and Non-Publics
SchoolInsight was specifically designed to meet the unique needs of small- to medium-sized districts and non-public schools. It provides all the functionality to run a typical organization without the complexity and overhead required by large districts.


Easy to use
Since it's designed for smaller organizations, it's very easy to use. We've stripped out large-district features, so it's simple to learn. Users become productive quickly and are very satisfied.


Since SchoolInsight is a web-based subscription service, there are no large up front costs. The low annual subscription rate fits into the yearly budget. You'll never need to float a bond or run a fundraiser to pay for it.


Easy data entry by office staff
Since data entry is a concern for the office staff, special attention has been paid to allow easy entry and retrieval. Time saved allows office staff to pay more attention to many other important tasks.


Staff can access student data
Authorized staff (principals, counselors, teachers, etc) can access student data and collaborate on student issues. This frees the office staff from being constantly interrupted for basic student info (phone numbers, parent names, bus route, etc).


Querying and Reporting
SchoolInsight can generate the wide variety of reports required to run a school. There are also custom reports for generating data unique to your organization.


We love SchoolInsight. The learning curve is refreshingly low. The data is very secure and the tech support is first-rate. The bottom line is that it's worth every penny.
–Marilyn Q.
Technology Coordinator
Minooka, IL


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