TeacherEase: Standards-Based Grading and Learning Management System

TeacherEase On-Site Training
First time customers can arrange for on-site TeacherEase training. This training is for teachers and supports successful startup. By the end of a two-hour session most teachers are proficient in the day-to-day basics. Training is free and conducted upon request (available only in areas with local representatives, other customers can receive training via the web).


SchoolInsight Self-Service Online Training
For customers who want to get started right away, we offer self-service training classes over the web. We've packaged our courseware into interactive presentations and recorded our best instructors delivering these sessions. Take training at your convenience any where, any time.


SchoolInsight Public Training Classes
We offer training near our customers at public facilities. Train new staff and meet other users in your area. Take home your training materials for quick reference.


SchoolInsight On-Site Training
If you have a large group to train, we can come to your school and deliver our standard training to your staff. We can couple this training with custom consulting to meet your specific training needs. Available upon request.


SchoolInsight Individualized Mentoring
To support system startup and ongoing education, we offer mentoring over the phone. Walk through the system together and learn from an experienced member of our team.