TeacherEase: Standards-Based Grading and Learning Management System

What is the Cloud?
This document introduces cloud computing and its many benefits.


Impact on Customers
This page describes how the Cloud helps customers.


Effect on Vendors
This document describes how "software-as-a-service" (SaaS) forges more stable, trustworthy, and responsive companies.


The CGS Cloud
TeacherEase and SchoolInsight simply work for users. This document describes the technical details behind the Cloud at Common Goal Systems.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Cloud computing is less expensive than traditional installed software. This page compares the total cost of ownership for both types of systems and highlights key points when considering cost.


Beware of Imitations
Some traditional software vendors offer "hosting" that seems like cloud computing. This page describes how to distinguish the Cloud from imitators.


True Software Customers
Some customers are better suited for traditional software than the Cloud. This page discusses the characteristics of this small group.

I absolutely love the assurance that we're finally able to keep accurate records for our students in a timely fashion.
–Jeanette H.
Steward Elementary
Steward, IL



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Perfect Attendance
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