TeacherEase: Standards-Based Grading and Learning Management System

Project Management
We have a standard plan for new customers that we've successfully implemented hundreds of times. Your SmartStart Specialist will customize this plan for your individual needs and guide you through the first several months. Successful implementation requires good communication between your school and our staff, so we use an online project management tool that allows all stakeholders to see to-do lists, project milestones, and deadlines.


As part of your school's startup experience, our SmartStart Specialist will discuss your specific needs and goals with you. Together we will configure the service to support your school's requirements. This free consultation ensures that the service is configured properly and quickly.


Data Migration
Most customers need data imported from their existing systems. Your SmartStart Specialist will help you understand what data you need to import, how to do it, and often will actually perform the imports to ensure quick and successful startup.


Training is a fundamental part of the startup experience. Our training is available in several formats designed to meet different needs and budgets. Part of your startup plan will be to assess what training you need, when it's delivered, and for whom.

We can deliver training onsite at your school, you can attend one of our public training classes, and training is available online. By offering you multiple ways to receive training, we help you manage your budget and ensure you receive the best possible startup experience.


Follow Up
During the first year, your SmartStart Specialist will help you navigate major events (first report card, starting the second semester, closing out the year, etc). By proactively reaching out, we help customers smoothly complete the first year.