TeacherEase: Standards-Based Grading and Learning Management System

Standards-based Grading Made Easy
Effectively monitor student growth with standards-based grading. SchoolInsight's Standards-based Grading tools offer an easy-to-use, familiar, grading experience for educators, are easily configured to your needs, and enable educators, parents, and students to understand student progress throughout the year. View the webinar and see how SchoolInsight can help you focus instruction with standards-based grading.
Topics include setup, daily processes, and reporting student progress.


Audience: Administrators, instructional coaches, instructors, and guidance counselors.
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Online Registration: Easily Re-Enroll Students for Next Year
Ready to register students for next year? SchoolInsight's integrated Online Registration tool helps manage the process. It allows parents to enter data online, saving admins data entry time while still maintaining control of the process. Forms can be distributed electronically and fees collected during the process. Admins monitor progress and review all changes prior to accepting them into the system.


Audience: School Administrators and Secretaries
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Free-Reduced Lunch Applications: Managed Online
Looking for an organized solution to Free-Reduced Lunch Applications? SchoolInsight's included tools make it easy to manage the process online. Parents complete and submit the form on the parent portal. Admins review and notify families digitally. Random verification samples can be pulled, and verification steps tracked. Lunch program fields are updated in the lunch module, no double data entry.


Audience: School Administrators, Secretaries, and anyone who handles Free-Reduced Lunch Applications
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Customizable Report Cards
Are you looking for an easy way to create professional report cards? Our report card software creates traditional and standards-based K-12 report cards, is highly customizable, and lets teachers effortlessly import grades from TeacherEase.


Audience: Principals and administrators looking for an easy way to create report cards, enter grades, comments, attendance, etc.
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Easy Student Health Records
Discover an easy way to electronically manage health records. Our health records management software tracks all aspects of student health: immunizations, clinic visits, medications, screenings, alerts, and many others. Take a closer look at how our health software can save you time.


Audience: School nurses and administrators looking to easily track student health records.
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Custom Reports in Minutes
Learn how SchoolInsight's new custom report builder can save you time. Quickly create the right report with a five-step wizard. Build detailed and summary reports on virtually any student data in the system: demographics, contacts, discipline, and more. View reports graphically - print, save, edit, and analyze data instantly.


Audience: Principal, counselors, and office staff looking to build sophisticated reports on their own.
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Yearly Rollover Simplified
SchoolInsight makes it easy to transition from one year to the next. Transfer students, copy report cards, rollover account balances, and verify your system is configured to meet your needs. Join us for a webinar on Tuesday, May 10, at 10:00AM CT.


Audience: School or District Admin who manage yearly configuration in the system.
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Online Registration Update: New Student Registration
Online registration has been improved to support new students in addition to returning students. Learn how to take full advantage of this new feature.


Audience: The webinar is designed for school admin and secretaries already familiar with the online registration process and will only cover the new features.
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Automated Lunch Program
Are you looking for an affordable way to electronically manage your lunch program? Our full-featured lunch management software scans and tracks food purchases, withdraws funds from students' accounts, runs free/reduced lunch reports, and much more. All you need is a web-enabled computer and a bar-code scanner.


Audience: Administrators and lunch personnel wanting to simplify and speed up their lunch program.
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Discipline Management Simplified
Would you like to effectively track discipline at your school? Find out how web-based discipline management software saves time and improves student behavior. Our software reports incidents, creates referrals, notifies parents, and reports on where/when/why incidents occur.


Audience: Principals and counselors looking for secure and paperless discipline tracking.
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Perfect Attendance
Easily manage your school's daily attendance with our web-based tracker. Our configurable software can handle attendance requirements for all types of schools - big, small, public, or private. Feature-rich program includes ADA reports, paperless entry, real-time data, email notifications, period attendance, truancy reports, and more.


Audience: Attendance clerks, administrators, and school secretaries looking to simplify their daily attendance tasks.
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