TeacherEase is software for teachers to manage instruction. Supports 1-to-1 computing and traditional classrooms. Supports standards-based and traditional education. Available to individual teachers, schools, or entire districts.

Learning Management System for 1-to-1 Computing
Designed to enhance the success of 1-to-1 computing initiatives. Get an easy, complete software platform to run effective digital classrooms. Add engaging digital resources to instruction. Replace paper textbooks with digital curriculum. Manage electronic activities: delivery of content to students, online completion and submission, and feedback/grading. Vary resources by student to meet individual needs. Students collaborate 24/7. Go paperless to save printing and consumable costs.


The easiest gradebook on the web. Supports standards-based and traditional grading. Teachers save time, communicate with parents, and improve student performance.


Report Cards
Generate standards-based and traditional report cards. Save teachers' time and be more professional. Better integrate standards-based education into the classroom. Supports flexible and customizable report cards formats.

Curriculum and Lesson Planning
As schools move away from paper textbooks, organize digital curriculum in the cloud. Track standards alignment to make sure you cover the common core. Upload digital resources and web links, putting curriculum online in one place. Faculty share resources to save time, learn from one another, and constantly improve the curriculum.


Formative Assessment
Provides insight into student understanding and knowledge. Track progress along learning progressions toward instructional goals. Adjust instruction based upon individual student learning. Automatically grade student work and save teachers’ time.