TeacherEase: Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System

TeacherEase is a learning management system (LMS) for technology-rich K-12 classrooms -- especially 1:1 computing, BYO programs, or frequent users of laptop carts. It helps teachers move through the technology adoption curve. When getting started, they learn to integrate engaging digital resources into instruction and use devices every day. Once experienced, they transform education with redefining activities like collaboration, project-based learning, flipped classroom, peer review, online discussion, etc. Embrace mastery-based education and the Common Core with our software.

  • Help Teachers Get Started with Technology
  • Increase Engagement with Digital Activities
  • Redefine Instruction using Collaboration, Project-Based Learning, Peer-Review, and Flipped Classroom
  • Replace Paper Textbooks with Digital Curriculum
  • Individualize Instruction for each Student