TeacherEase: Standards-Based Grading and Learning Management System
Lesson Planning

Track Standards
When writing lesson plans, teachers easily align them to standards. See which standards have been covered and how often. State standards are preloaded. Easily understand how well instruction covers topics on the yearly standardized test.


Save Teachers' Time
TeacherEase is also a productivity tool for teachers. Makes lesson planning easier. Never hunt for the standards. No more manual tabulation of standards counts. Easily reuse lessons across classes, years, or groups of students.


Enhance Teacher Cooperation
As teachers create a database of lesson plans, they can easily share them. Teachers at the same grade level can plan together and exchange ideas. Team teachers can better coordinate instruction with each other. Master teachers can give lessons to brand new teachers.

Improve Lesson Plans over Time
Teachers can easily reuse lesson plans, and improve them every year (instead of starting from scratch). The teachers' lessons become a repository of knowledge and expertise the entire staff can draw upon.


Enables the Standards-based Classroom
TeacherEase is more than just lesson planning. It's everything teachers need to manage the standards-based classroom -- including curriculum mapping, gradebook, report cards, and parent access. All integrated. All on the web.



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TeacherEase is a great web-based program that allows teachers to organize their lesson plans, share those lessons, and cover the standards.
-L.B., Curriculum Director


The lesson planning module is very helpful. I really like how the template can be customized to include the components you need such as goals, objectives, materials, step by step procedures, and assessments. All the state standards are already in the system making it very easy to use. The ability to print up plans is a great feature too.
- Tammy Hamlen, Lead Teacher