TeacherEase: Standards-Based Grading and Learning Management System

Parents Securely Login
For a parent to gain access to TeacherEase, their account must be setup by a teacher or the school office. Upon login, they can access their student(s) only.


Parents can check a student's current assignments. Did they get tonight's homework done yet? If they were absent, what do they need to make up?


Parents can check their child's current averages and get details. They can praise a student doing well. They can motivate students not working to their potential. They can get help for struggling students.

Parents can email teachers and administrators. They can better communicate without playing "phone tag."

Students Self-Monitor
Students can also login to TeacherEase, check their own information (just like parents), and get motivated. You'll hear in the hallways, "I'm only 1% under an B, I really need to study for the next quiz."


Misc. School Data
If the entire school/district uses TeacherEase, lots of useful information can be displayed: calendars, menus, fees, attendance, behavior, course requests, etc. Use this as your primary means to communicate with parents.


Real-Time Data
When teachers enter data into TeacherEase, it's automatically available to parents (teachers don't have to remember to upload it to the web). Parents provide immediate reinforcement and modify student behavior since there's no delay.