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October 2011 Product Release

Elmhurst, IL (October 1, 2011) – Common Goal Systems, a leading developer of web-based products for schools, announces several major enhancements to SchoolInsight and TeacherEase. SchoolInsight is the company's comprehensive student information system, and TeacherEase is the popular standards-based gradebook.

"Since most schools are mid-way through their first grading period, the report card enhancements we've made this month are very timely," says Pat Helmers, Vice President of Sales for the company. "These new features are customer-driven and make our products more configurable."

The new functionality includes:

Improved Kindergarten Report Cards
Assessment lists can now be built so instructors can easily select which letters, numbers, sounds, and shapes their students can recognize. This function can also be generalized to other types of lists.

Run report cards in Polish
Report cards now support using the Polish language, in addition to Spanish and English. Courses, Classes, Assessment Lists, etc. have areas to enter translated text. Default language can be specified for students. Run report cards for all students in a specific language. Added new permissions to allow admins to view or modify translations.

Store and track more data in Lesson Plans
We've doubled the number of customizable lesson plan fields available. Make changes to the default template for your unique lesson planning needs.

Added additional "Final Grade Calculation" options
Determine how semester and final grades are calculated using grades in the underlying grading periods. Schools can now calculate by "Letter Grade GPA" or "Letter Grade Ordinal" as well as the traditional "Average Score" (now the default).

An overview of these changes will be presented in a webinar on Monday, October 17 at 1pm CDT. To register go to

Common Goal Systems ( provides web-based services to help educators work more efficiently. In addition to SchoolInsight, it also develops TeacherEase, one of the first web-based gradebooks. Using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, the company offers its products via the Internet and is responsible for all system operation and maintenance. Founded in 2001, Common Goal Systems has hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

- Common Goal Systems, Inc Press Release, October 1, 2011