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August 2012 Product Release

Elmhurst, IL (August 16, 2012) – Common Goal Systems, a leading developer of web-based products for schools, announces several software enhancements to SchoolInsight and TeacherEase. SchoolInsight is the company's comprehensive student information system, and TeacherEase is software for the digital classroom.

"We're excited about this month's new features," says Pat Helmers, Vice President of Sales for the company. "Our developers have been working hard on new functionally for the 2012-13 school year. One of the major changes is the addition of the Learning Management System for 1-to-1 Computing, which is currently in beta. Our goal is to make our products more comprehensive and progressive."

The new functionality includes:

TeacherEase Learning Management System for 1-to-1 Computing. As education evolves, our products adapt to help improve education. Our new LMS helps teachers in 1-to-1 computing environments run digital classrooms. Currently the new product is offered in beta. We expect many changes and improvements over the next year, and hope to formally release it in the spring 2013. Interested users can join the beta program by contacting their account representative.

Watch this quick video on our new Learning Management System:

Curriculum and Lesson Planning update. We've made major enhancements to this TeacherEase module. Curriculum is now organized in a unified tree: units can contain lesson plans, which may in turn contain assignments. Standards and digital resources may be associated at any level.
      Instructor Main > Curriculum

Online workspace. Move the traditional student work completely online. Create digital curriculum, add electronic resources (websites, YouTube videos, MS Word Docs, PDFs, and more), instruct students, have them do online assignments, instructors grade and provide feedback. All online without paper.
      Instructor Main > Status Console
      Student Main > Assignments

Monitor students' efforts as they perform work online. See who's making progress and who's struggling or distracted. Watch real-time - see how long they've been working on assignments and when they get stuck.
      Instructor Main > Status Console

Show your school spirit! SchoolInsight/TeacherEase can now be customized with the your school logo and colors. Students, parents, instructors and admins will experience the web site with your familiar school colors. Contact our tech services team - for assistance setting this up.

New Basic Setup Wizard. We're making an effort to be even more "Teacher-Easy." Create your academic year, grading periods, classes and rosters in an easy wizard. Only available for users with "modify" access to students and classes (typically Internet users and TeacherEase customers without SchoolInsight).
      Main > Setup > Setup Wizard

New (OK Only) Implemented latest WAVE and SIF specifications for the state of Oklahoma. SchoolInsight was re-certified by the WAVE this summer. Go into the new school year confident that the data you're sending to the state is correct.

(MO Only) Implemented latest MOSIS specifications for the state of Missouri. Go into the new school year confident that the data you're sending to the state is correct.

(IL Only) Implemented latest ISBE specifications for the state of Illinois. New "Adjust Cohort Graduation Rate" report available. Go into the new school year confident that the data you're sending to the state is correct.
      Admin Main > Import/Export > Export ISBE Files

Common Goal Systems provides web-based services to help educators work more efficiently. It develops SchoolInsight (, an industry leading student information system, and TeacherEase (, one of the first web-based gradebooks. Using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, the company offers its products via the Internet and is responsible for all system operation and maintenance. Founded in 2001, Common Goal Systems has hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

- Common Goal Systems, Inc Press Release, August 16, 2012