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April 2011 Product Release

Common Goal Systems (, a leading developer of web-based software for schools, announces software enhancements to SchoolInsight. SchoolInsight is the company's comprehensive student management system complete with: customizable report cards, paperless attendance, demographics, family contacts, tuition/fees, online registration, custom reporting, health, lunch, discipline and advanced scheduling.

"Each month we add new functionality to our system," say Pat Helmers, Vice President of Sales for Common Goal Systems. "Schools can easily manage their entire student database using SchoolInsight. Since we use the latest cloud computing technology, these updates are available instantaneously to our customers."

The new functionality includes:

Graduation Requirements report
Quickly validate that students have met or will meet all graduation requirements. Check total credits, credits in a subject area, and test results for specific classes. Summary and drill down (student level) information is available. Report validates both past years as well as future years.

Block scheduling
Automated Master scheduler now supports building block schedules. Build bell schedules with period durations having different weights and auto schedule classes into them seamlessly.

Smart Payment entry
Admins can now process payments for multiple children simultaneously. This will allow you to receive a single check from a parent and split the money across multiple students without having to bring them up individually.

Student Scheduling Improvements
While working on student schedules, be able to see current schedule and all sections available for each course. Improved information will aid in understanding and make scheduling easier. Popup and hide windows to see specific information.

MOSIS ID Batch Import (Missouri only)
Quickly import MOSIS student IDs from DESE file without having to retype any data.

Common Goal Systems provides web-based services to help schools and teachers work more efficiently. In addition to SchoolInsight, the company develops TeacherEase (, the popular web-based gradebook with state standards, parent portal and lesson planning. Using the Software as a Service model (SaaS), the company offers its products via the Internet and is responsible for the deployment, operation, and maintenance of the IT infrastructure. Founded in 2001, Common Goal Systems has hundreds of thousands of users around the world.

- Common Goal Systems, Inc Press Release, April 15, 2011