TeacherEase: Standards-Based Grading and Learning Management System
Formative Assessment

Understand Student Learning in Real Time
TeacherEase allows assessments normally given to students on paper to be delivered electronically. All questions are aligned by standard and difficulty. This allows easy tracking of student performance as assessments are graded (in both automated and manual fashion) and gives data in real time. This can be done for tests/quizzes, but also for everyday activities like classwork and homework.


Inform Instruction
Student performance data allows teachers to adjust instruction. If few students in the class understand a concept, the teacher knows to re-teach rather than progress -- perhaps targeting different learning modes for greater success. If nearly all students demonstrate mastery, the class can move on. It also allows activities to be given to individual students based upon what they know.


Enable Differentiation
Real time performance data allows teachers to adjust teaching to student learning. Identify areas where each student needs reinforcement, and give them activities tailored to their individual needs. Faster students may benefit from extensions rather than repetitions of material already understood.

Create Richer Student Learning Environment
The assessment tool works for regular student work in addition to tests and quizzes. Giving students assignments in "homework mode" allows them access to hints, solutions, and additional resources that foster learning. This richer environment better engages students and helps make learning fun.


Enable Standards-based Grading
An output of formative assessment are standards-based grades. This happens automatically as a byproduct of the grading process, and much of the work can be automated. Many organizations would like to do standards-based grading, but find it too time consuming. Using software makes it easier and more feasible.


Save Teachers Time
Once teachers have an assessment tool, they can transition student work to be electronic. Powerful automatic grading features save teachers time for simple question types. This frees teachers to spend more time building assessments and planning instruction rather than grading stacks of papers.